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4 Signs You Need to Visit an Auto Glass Repair Specialist

Auto Glass Repair Specialist
Your vehicle's auto glass, including your windows, windshield, and wiper blades, is essential to your car's safe operating condition. Here are four signs you should visit an auto glass repair specialist for your vehicle's glass needs.

1. Sunroof Isn't Working 

Your sunroof may jam halfway through operation, leaving the window cracked open. Or your sunroof may refuse to operate at all, making odd grinding sounds when you try to open or close the glass.

Automatic sunroofs experience a malady of mechanical and functional issues. Never attempt to open a sunroof manually or you risk breaking the glass or damaging the motor in your sunroof.

Discontinue use of your sunroof (use a piece of cardboard or heavy plastic to cover any open areas), and visit your auto glass specialist right away. Your auto glass specialist will examine the motor and connections to your sunroof and make repairs as needed.

2. Windshield Has Wiper Blade Scratches 

Windshield wiper blades have rubber on the outside of the blades to protect your windshield against scratches and abrasion when the wipers are in use. When the blades are worn and the rubber comes off, the blades will quickly scratch your windshield, leaving curved markings right in your line of vision.

Your auto glass repair specialist can remove mild scratches, so as soon as you hear the sound of metal against glass when your wiper blades are in motion (the sound is often a screeching or whining noise) take your car in for new wiper blades and windshield inspection.

Note: many auto glass repair shops feature mobile services, where auto specialists meet you on-site. If you are driving in snowy or rainy conditions where using your wiper blades is necessary but you don't want to risk further damage to your windshield, call for emergency assistance where you are located.

3. Windshield Has a Minor Chip 

A minor windshield chip will quickly spiderweb out and cause even more damage, so call your auto glass expert as soon as you notice any damage to your windshield. Common causes of windshield chips include:
  • Flying debris while driving
  • Debris blown on your car while parked
  • Severe hail
Any chip in your windshield compromises the glass's ability to protect you while driving. An auto glass specialist can fill your windshield chip with resin to repair the damage. But once the chip has spread into a crack, replacement may be necessary if the crack is along the edge of your windshield or is very long or wide.

4. Tint Is Peeling

Car window tint jobs only last around a few years or so before sun exposure takes its toll. If your car's tinted windows are starting to bubble, peel away, chip, or wave, then your tint job needs to be removed.

A poorly installed tint job will show signs of wear sooner than a professional tint job will. When window tints start to fail, your ability to see out your windows is compromised, which makes it unsafe to drive. Call your window specialist to remove your car's tint job if:
  • You have to roll down your window to see out
  • Your window tint causes your windows to stall when rolling up and down
  • Your tint job affects your car's appearance
Do not attempt to remove a window tint on your own. Not only is the process time-consuming, but you risk damaging your car's windows in the process.

Your vehicle's auto glass needs to be maintained along with the rest of your vehicle. For all your auto glass needs, rely on our experts at Perfection Auto Glass. We restore non-working windows or replace auto glass with expert precision and care. Call us for a quote today.

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