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Hydrophobic Auto Glass: A Car Owner's Guide

Hydrophobic glass
Keeping the windshield clean can be a mundane chore for many car owners. As vehicle owners look for ways to minimize window cleaning, especially in rainy Indiana, hydrophobic glass treatment has become increasingly popular.

If you have just recently heard about hydrophobic glass, this guide will give you the low-down and help you decide whether this windshield treatment is right for you.

What Is Hydrophobic Glass?

Hydrophobic glass is also known as self-cleaning glass. As the name suggests, this type of glass cleanses itself by automatically getting rid of dust, debris, and water through the process of hydrolysis.

In hydrophobic auto glass, a coating containing titanium dioxide is applied to the glass surface to provide self-cleaning properties. When UV rays from the sun interact with the titanium dioxide coating, the rays break down the dirt and debris on the glass surface.

When water comes into contact with the glass surface, the dirt and debris are completely deflected from the glass, leaving your windshield clean.

Titanium dioxide also causes water droplets to coalesce into a large sheet of liquid. This allows water on the window surface to disperse quicker, ensuring constant visibility, especially when driving through rain. 

What Benefits Does Hydrophobic Glass Have?

Each year, up to 22 percent of car crashes are attributed to inclement weather. The biggest advantage of treating your windshield with hydrophobic coating is improved safety.

With this type of treatment, you no longer have to contend with streaks and blots on the windshield, which can make it difficult to see clearly when driving. Self-cleaning glass removes almost all the dirt, debris, and water on a glass surface to drastically improve visibility.

Another advantage of hydrophobic glass is its low maintenance. Self-cleansing glass only requires exposure to rainwater and sunlight to deflect organic materials away from the glass surface. This can reduce the frequent costs of window cleaning and minimize the rate of wiper blade replacement.

What Can I Expect From Hydrophobic Glass?

Before investing in hydrophobic glass coating, consider various factors, including professional contractors, installation requirements, and treatment longevity.

Professional Application

While there are DIY hydrophobic glass coatings on the market, have a professional treat your car windshield. Store-bought hydrophobic glass sprays have several disadvantages. Although they might be cheaper, these sprays have a comparably short lifespan.

When you apply the glass coating yourself, you risk poor application results, which can waste time and money you would rather spend elsewhere. Depending on the quality, DIY sprays may not offer the best value for money in terms of keeping the windshield thoroughly clean to improve visibility.

Installation Requirements 

Over time, debris and weather elements can wear down your windshield. Because hydrophobic glass treatment may not adhere properly to old glass, a professional auto glass service provider will likely recommend the installation of new glass before application.

If you are thinking about hydrophobic glass coating, consider the cost implications of replacing your car's windshield. Newer vehicles may benefit more from this treatment.

Glass Longevity

Over time, hydrophobic coating will wear off and will need reapplication typically after a few weeks. Damages to the windshield can also compromise the coating's efficacy. Expect to replace a damaged windshield to get the most from hydrophobic glass coating.

Hydrophobic glass treatment is not only a smart invention; it is also a great investment where auto safety is concerned. For best results, be sure to have a professional perform this windshield treatment.

At Perfection Auto Glass, we offer high-quality windshield care. With our responsive mobile services, we are happy to come to you. Whether you are looking to treat your windshield, repair or replace it, get in touch with us today for free estimates.

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