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Reasons Your Car's Power Windows Aren't Working

Car Power Window
A convenience as simple as an automatic power window in an automobile isn't often missed or appreciated until the function stops working. By the 1960s, the automatic power window had grown to great popularity, and the former hand-cranked version of operating a car window became all but obsolete as the decades passed.

When your automatic power windows fail to operate as they should, you will notice a few key signs to alert you of this electrical problem: windows may roll up or down slowly, get stuck mid-operation, or simply make a grinding noise without moving at all. Learn four reasons why your car's automatic power windows may not be working. Then let your auto glass technician know of your problem so they can repair your windows for you. 

Bad Fuse
Like many functions in your car, the automatic power windows in your vehicle are operated by a fuse. When a fuse goes out, all your windows are likely to stop working rather than just a single unit. If only a single window is affected and non-working, then a fuse is probably not the issue.

Check your vehicle's fuse box (located under the hood, near the glove compartment, or even in a door panel - refer to your owner manual for guidance) to see whether a bad fuse is to blame for your window malfunction. You can also take your vehicle to your auto glass technician and have them inspect your car's windows and fuses for professional diagnosis.

Faulty Regulator 
The window regulator in your car is responsible for allowing your windows to go up and down easily when you push the appropriate buttons. The regulator is located in the panel of each door and operates by pushing your windows up or pulling them down as requested.

A faulty regulator is one of the more common reasons late-model vehicles experience window issues. You may notice an odd grinding sound or vibration as you attempt to operate your window but don't see any movement in the window glass. A faulty regulator is usually the cause of a non-working car window if only one window is affected. Your auto glass technician can repair or replace this regulator for you.

Aging Window Lift Motor 
The lift motor in your door panel is what holds windows in place and allows them to go up and down smoothly. When the motor is failing, you will notice a few odd happenings in your windows: glass may fall all the way down when you are trying to roll your window up or may fail to move at all.

When replacing the window lift motor, your auto glass technician may recommend replacing the window regulator as well because these components can wear out together. In some cases it's cheaper to replace both the motor and the regulator at the same time to save on labor costs.

Extreme Weather Conditions 
The sun can overheat components inside your automatic power windows, including the regulator, causing the unit to malfunction. Likewise, your window glass can be taken off its track or refuse to operate in cooler weather when ice freezes on the glass.

Do not force a window that is not operating fully to work by pressing your hand against the glass. The movement can place undue pressure on the glass and even break components inside the door panel. Your auto glass technician will address your faulty power window issues and make repairs as needed.

Automatic power windows are an upgrade you don't want to live without in your car. When your windows are not operating as they should, contact our team of auto window experts at Perfection Auto Glass. Ask about our mobile services as well so you can have your auto windows repaired on your schedule.  

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