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What You Should Know About Changing Antique Car Windows

A vintage car
Your vintage car is a thing of pride and beauty. You put a lot of work - and probably money - into it. And while the windows aren't something that most people first think of when they look at their antique vehicle, those windows can add or detract from the appeal and value. 

If you want to change the windows in your classic car, read on to learn what you need to know.

Repair or Replace?

If your vintage vehicle's windows are aging, the first decision you'll need to make is whether to try to fix them or to replace them entirely. While replacement glass is a more expensive option, it's often a better choice in the long run.

For instance, if you have a chip or crack, you can just fix the crack for a while. But these short-term fixes break down after a while, and vintage cars with decades of life on them may have seen a lot of repaired cracks already.

What other situations could call for a full replacement of damaged or aging vintage windows? Here are a few likely circumstances.

When You Need Safety Glass

Safety glass prevents more serious injury in the event of a windshield failure, large rock, or accident. If your classic car was manufactured with early safety glass, it may not provide the protection you deserve. Your car's value or show worth will not diminish if you change out an older windshield for safety glass. 

When You're Selling the Vehicle

Chips, cracks, and discolored glass often don't bother the owners of vehicles, but they can lower the value when you sell the car. Replace damaged glass or bubbling solar film to boost the profit off an antique. 

When You've Got Leaks

Sometimes, the windshield itself has failed over time, which is quite normal. If you're getting moisture leaks inside the car, an old windshield or window with a bad seal can put the entire investment at risk. Rain leaks can damage the upholstery, door panels, and more, so fix them before they grow or before you face a harsh Indiana winter. 

When You're Showing the Car

Do you want to get more serious about showing your car or truck? Then you need it to be in the best shape it can be, particularly as you move up in the show circuit. Even local car shows generally expect the body and windows to be clear and undamaged and all elements to be as original (or as good replicas) as they can reasonably be. 

Custom or Stock? 

The second choice you'll have is whether to get a standard window or windshield glass replacement or a custom job. The answer depends on your particular car style, your goals, and your budget.

Vintage cars and trucks often need custom-designed glass pieces due to a variety of oddly angled or oddly sized windows. Older trucks, for instance, often have a triangular side window that you'll be hard pressed to find modern glass replacements for. 

In some instances, you may be able to find stock windshields at used car part yards, so give that a try since it will be the least expensive option. If original parts aren't available, look for replica glass makers as a good compromise between pop-in parts and custom jobs. However, on any car more than about 30 years old, expect to have to pay for at least some custom window work for certain window shapes. 

Not sure how to resolve your antique car's window problems? Start with a visit to the auto experts at Perfection Auto Glass today. We can help you assess the state of all windows on your vehicle and see what options are available for your particular model. Call for an appointment today. 

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